Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Lino & Mono Printing


Our Material Knowledge exploration of printmaking ended on Monday 11th June with a quick look at 2 other simple printmaking techniques.

I particularly enjoyed lino cutting which is an enjoyable process in itself. The cut is then inked up and used to make prints. These prints can be works of art or used to print your own bespoke cards, envelopes, tags, notebooks and wrapping paper. I will definitely be taking some time over the Summer to develop my lino printing skills with the intention of creating some hand-made gifts and unique wrapping paper for a more personal (and economical) touch.

We attained some reasonable results with ready mixed paint and paint brushes but for best results use print block ink on glass (or stiff plastic) with a roller.

Along with countless inspirational images on the web and YouTube demonstrations, a useful lino cutting instruction sheet for workshops can be found at:

For monoprinting see:

This is a more direct method than lino or screen printing, useful for artists who are more comfortable with spontaneous drawing and painting. It is more important to have the correct medium for this as fine lines and details were obliterated when the paper was placed on top using both ready mixed and acrylic paint, oil paint worked best in experiments but comes with the problem of needing white spirit for cleaning equipment and fumes.

Conversation naturally flows at these informal sessions (especially when lubricated by tea and biscuits) and the importance for artists (and everyone else) to make some time to play and share thoughts, ideas and information was expressed again as it has been countless times since the School for Artist Educators began. So give yourself 'permission to play' and come along to our Material Knowledge session on:

Monday 02nd July @ St Luke's Art & Craft Studio, Level 2, 90 Central Street, EC1V 8AJ, London. Suggested donation £1

When we will begin looking at working in 3D. Please bring cardboard, a stanley or craft knife and scissors. Alternatively if you wish to work on a personal project in this social and informal environment then please feel free to bring along your own activity and a mind to skill-share. If you are unable to attend our event, why not organise your own? All you need is some space, a creative activity, some tea and biscuits (I really can't stress enough the importance of these elements) and to invite some friends and family to learn, create and share together.

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